Rearrange Displays with Extended Monitor

Video on Rearranging Your Display 

Step-by-Step Directions

  1. Minimize all screens.

  2. Right click.

  1. Click on Display Settings.

  2. Click Identify.

  1. Note the "Identity" of your laptop and your monitor. In the example below, my laptop is "1." I know this because there is a large black box with the number 1 in it. On my monitor, there is a large black box with the number "2" in it.

  1. I need to rearrange my displays because my monitor is on the left side of my desk. Number 2 needs to be on the left. I need to drag number 2 to the left and hit apply. See the screenshot below to understand what to do.

Now you can drag a tab to the left since your monitor is on your left. Use your mouse to control the monitor. Move your mouse to the right to access the screen on your laptop! Good luck!

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