Updating Windows 10

It is critical that all district-issued Windows-based PCs remain up-to-date in order to maintain workstation functionality and harden our organization's cybersecurity posture. Microsoft along with other computing vendors release updates for their products on a weekly basis specifically on Tuesdays. (Source)

*Given this information, it is highly recommended that all Windows-based desktops and laptops are updated and restarted once a week.


How to Update Windows 10

Step 1) Click on the Windows search bar on the bottom left next to the Start button

Step 2) Type in update and click on Check for updates

Step 3) On the Windows Update screen click on Check for updates
(This screen may look different if your device has already checked for updates automatically, if so skip this step)

Step 4) Once Windows has checked for updates you will be presented with a list of updates required for your device (Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page if the list is long)

Step 5) Depending on the status of your updates listed in the previous step your device may need one of the following: a restart, installation, or the device is up-to-date. Click on Install now or Restart now to complete the updates

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